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Kashmir ullrug

Kashmir ullrug

This is a rug carpet.

If you want to have a rug that has most of it, you'll definitely have to check out Kashmir. This large carpet of 2x3 metres, you can measure in any measure of the square metre price, 1.325 qur (min. 4 kvm). Regular measurements of measurements are 4x3 metres, 3x3 metres, 2x2 meters, 3,5x2 meters. So you can order the Quadratic Quadrubs. The delivery time is about 6 to 8 weeks.

As carpets in Sweden are almost exclusively available in standard sizes, it is too common for a rug to be an anthene too large or too small in your home reenor. That is why we have used the Sofa Store to have used our linguistic skills and actively sought a plant in India which is producing mats and has developed design that is unique to Sweden.

Why purchase rugs from a wholesaler who's supposed to have their margin when we can cater to the customers with the right dimensions, the right design at the right price? All our own carpets hold a higher quality than today's thin carpet. More pounds of material per quad gives you a whole different re-boning.

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